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450 back 450 front smart 450 vs smart 451 451 front 451 back
450 back 450 front 450 (L) vs. 451 (R) 451 front 451 back
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smart roadster smart forfour smart roadster smart forfour smart roadster
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    smart 451 body panels    

although the 451 is a complete redesign of the 450, the outward differences remain subtle. there are 6 tail-lights on the 450, 4 tail-lights on the 451. the cargo area side windows on the 450 are missing on the 451. the rear portion of the tridion bar is more pronounced on the 451 due to a rear body panel redesign.

on closer inspection, you can see the 451's outer dimensions have grown slightly: 106.1 inches long and 61 inches wide and tall. the interiors are also quite different. if you want specific differences, there are to many to list here. the interior, the exterior, the transmission, the engine, the wheels, the dash, the radio...even the mirrors have been redesigned to meet strict american safety standards.

in a nutshell...450 is old...451 is new and practically everything has been re-designed.

note: the 451 can easily hold two golf club bags!
note: the 451 is 4'6" shorter that a volkswagen beetle and 3'4" shorter than a mini-cooper s.
note: the 451 smart fortwo passion manufacture's spec sheet is located here...crash test video is here.

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2008 goal: 16,000 units
2008 sold: 24,622 units
current reservations: 40,000
2009 sales projection: 25,000
projected 6-month residual value: 58%*
total reservations: 100,000 @ $99 each
dealers: 74 in 35 states; 6 to be added in 2009
brand awareness: 18% at beginning of 2008; 80% at year end
future models: brabus high-performance in 2009, all-electric in 2012

2008 smart fortwo size comparison
2008 smart fortwo size comparison

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