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ernie at breathless performance products, in dania, florida, really outdid himself with this exhaust! it's constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel (not thin walled like the others), has a deep, smooth sound with no drone and adds an awesome power increase of 6hp (that's almost 10%). the twin, double walled, vented, angle cut stainless steel tips exit through the center of the stock lower valance. it is available in sport or touring versions, the latter being quieter by 12%. it was installed by john, part of the great team at auto europe in birmingham, mi.
last, but not least, i had ernie powder coat it black to meet itibiti's personal needs...the first one he's done.
if you want to add a hi-performance exhaust to your smart car...this is the one. take itibiti's word for it!

itibiti's breathless exhaust video >>>>>> first start with new BPP exhaust <<<<<< video itibiti's breathless exhaust
the end result   the first start
with new exhaust
  the end result

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