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dan katz, a new smart owner from new york city, reached out to me with questions about the installation of
hella supertones in his smart. he saw mine on itibiti bling, and his local smart dealer told him he needed a special harness to make them work and... yada, yada, yada! once he put them on the right track with the horns, he reached out with suspension questions. well, i just sent him my cell number because i'm not the fastest typist, yet i had a lot to say on the subject. dan's a great guy and, after a few conversations, i felt he needed someone with a much better grip on the subject than i. so, i put him in touch with one of my fun buddies, roger stam.

roger was the brains behind my tires & wheels. he does a lot of research and really knows his stuff! for roger
and i, it's all about the smart community. helping each other any way we can. roger didn't bat an eye when i asked if he would be willing to help a fellow smart owner neither of us had even met. well, he spent quite a bit of time with dan. he answered many questions and offered his own ideas on different tire, wheel and suspension combinations.

the point is, if you are a smart owner and you are reading this...we are a very powerful community! so let's stick together and help each other any way we can. and, if you are the recipient of such help, please pay it forward!!

oh, yeah! here is a classic video of dan's smart car getting broken into one late night in may, 2009.

below is an e-mail i recently received from dan. now it's his turn to pay it forward.

thursday, 05.21.09

billo & roger,

i wanted to write and thank you both for your help in regards to tires and wheels. you've really brought a sense of community to me, and it's made me even more excited about my car.

today, i had these sweet 15" wheels and yokohama's put on and it already has made a difference in the ride. steering feels lighter and the bumps are not as intense. not to mention, it just looks freakin' bad-ass now.

you guys are great.

thanks so much!


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dankatz new tire's & wheels!
dankatz new tire's & wheels! click pix to view

dankatz new tire's & wheels!
dankatz new tire's & wheels! usa friend >

dankatz new tire's & wheels!
  dankatz new tire's & wheels! sports edition sm3 dankatz new tire's & wheels!  

sports edition sm3 sports edition sm3 sports edition sm3 sports edition sm3 sports edition sm3
  dan katz's new smart tires & wheels  

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