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  official 451 smart "frequently asked questions" adobe pdf document  
official 451 smart "frequently asked questions" adobe pdf document

the official smart USA "frequently asked questions" web site is located here

1. how big is a smart?

the smart is 106.1" long x 61.4" wide x 60.7" tall. it weighs approximately 1653 pounds.

2. how safe is a smart?

it is very safe. the smart car is designed around the "tridion safety cell", the black/silver portion of the car. it is designed to protect you like the roll cage in a stock car. it also has four airbags, anti-lock brakes, traction control, an electronic stability program and more. will it stand up to a head-on collision with a mack truck? No...but neither will your car.

3. how do i get a smart?

visit where they currently have a list of authorized dealers to choose from. you can make a smart car reservation from there. fyi: be prepared for a wait of 6-12 months for a new vehicle.

4. is it an electric car?

no, it's a gasoline-powered automobile. electric models are being tested, as well as smart's that automatically power down when you stop, and power up when you press the gas pedal. turbo-charged and diesel models are available overseas but, due to epa regulations, they cannot be sold in the us.

5. are there other versions of the smart?

the model being sold in the us is the 2-door smart "fortwo". smart used to produce a 4-door called the "forfour", and a sports car called the "roadster", as well as a short-run specialty vehicle known as the "crossblade". the only model currently in production is the fortwo. brabus makes an authorized sports model of the fortwo, but it's not currently available in this country.

6. who makes the smart?

smart is owned by daimler AG, which also produces the mercedes-benz and maybach. early smart models featured the mercedes-benz 3-point star on the hood.

7. how long has the smart been for sale?

smart cars first entered the european market in 1998. during 2007, the penke automotive group established an authorized smart dealer network in the united states, with smart cars beginning delivery in early 2008. earlier smarts were available in the us, but were sold only after being retrofitted to meet environmental and safety standards.

8. what kind of engine does the smart have?

the smart has a three-cylinder engine producing 71 horse-power, and is electronically limited to 90 mph. other engines are available outside of north-america, including turbo-charged and diesel models.

9. what kind of mpg does it get?

the smart fortwo gets better gas mileage than any other non-hybrid car. it's 2008 epa rating is 33 mpg in the city, 41 highway and 36 combined. any car's actual mileage depends on your personal driving style and the environment you drive in.

10. what kind of transmission does the smart have?

the smart fortwo has a 5-speed automated/manual transmission: a manual transmission with a computer operated clutch, so there's no clutch pedal to push. you can operate it manually, via the stick shift, or you can choose to change gears with paddles mounted behind the steering wheel. alternatively, just put the stick in "drive" and the car will automatically shift on its own, just like any other car with automatic transmission.

11. what kind of storage does it have?

the smart fortwo's cargo area is 39" wide x 27" tall x 21" deep. additionally, the passenger seat can be tilted flat for additional storage room.

12. where can I learn more about the smart car?

official us site:
unofficial us site:
official enthysiast site
enthusiast site:
enthusiast site:

more smart car information:

the smart is manufactured by mercedes automobile group, a division of
daimler-benz, in hambach, france. its design originated as a joint venture of mercedes-benz and swatch, the swiss watch maker. it has been sold in europe since 1998, and 2008 is the first year it has been distributed in the US. it is being distributed in the US by smart USA, a division of the penske automotive group.

it is gas-fueled, not electric or hybrid. its mileage is 33/41 mpg under 2008 epa standards, and 40/45 MPG under 2007 epa standards. this is the highest mpg of any non-hybrid car, although it does takes premium gasoline. it's 8'10.1" long, 5'1.38" wide, and 5'0.71" tall. the trunk is 39" wide, 27" tall, and 21" deep. the passion convertible, or "cabriolet", weighs 1,852 pounds, with the hardtop "pure" model weighing in at 1808 pounds.

all smart models have the same engine and safety features. the mitsubishi engine is 1.0 litre, 3-cylinder delivering 71 horsepower. the transmission is a 5-speed "automated manual", that can be driven in either automatic or manual mode. its top speed is 90 mph, set by an electronic governor. it is equipped with front and side air bags, anti-lock brakes, an electronic stability program and a steel "tridion cell" that functions like the roll cage in a racing car.

the smart comes in three models: the pure coupe is the basic model, without air conditioning or radio, starting at $11,590. the passion coupe, with air conditioning, radio, some luxury features and a sunroof, starts at $13,590. The passion cabriolet, with upgraded radio and sound system starts at $16,590. a limited number of options are available, including leather seats, heated seats, fog lights, and tachometer and clock pods.

for the 2008 model the steel tridion safety cell comes in either silver or black. all 6 plastic body panels are replaceable, costing $899, and are available in white, black or yellow. blue, silver or red are available for $1099.

> the official smart USA "frequently asked questions" web site can be found here <

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