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check out this 5-story "smart stack" at smart milwaukee!
  from smart USA (insider), take a look at these 10 user guide videos!  
s-mann spoiler
itibiti's rear spoiler w/custom led's
with custom led's
i first saw a smart fortwo in the fall of 2000. it was at the
mercedes-benz USA company picnic on the beautiful, sprawling grounds
of their headquarters in montvale, new jersey. my wife worked for them
at the time, while i worked for bmwUSA. while we were walking the
grounds of the complex, we turned a corner and there they were!!
the first smart cars in the USA!!
check out the
have you seen the "lucky taco" smart car!
"lucky taco"
you have questions? everything you need to know about smart cars is here!
itibiti takes you to the fabulous west pier drive-in in sault ste. marie!
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smart 451 spec sheet how the smart car works! smart 451 FAQ's smart USA soundboard
451 spec sheet how it works smart faq's smart soundboard
the 1st annual 2009 mid-west smart car rally pictures are here!
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2010 smart nationals
nationals video
  want to see a sweet video on smart car pride in ownership? look here!  
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itibiti plate ITIBITI ITIBITI itibiti plate
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dream cruise
watch as itibiti floats like a little butterfly!
  a smart car leads california highway patrol on a speedy chase...look here!  
smart USA
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large smart car gatherings & celebrations!
this is NOT
the huoYun electroMobile
a smart car
check out this one-of-a-kind 1960's smart fortwo woody!
look here! custom interior & exterior led lights for itibiti!
please don't
New York DWI - Don't Drink & Drive
drink & drive
please don't
please don't text and drive!
text & drive
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