itibiti smart home itibiti's custom led lighting
installed by matt boesch from genius smart parts
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i had the idea to install led lighting in itibiti's cabin, tailgate, taillights and then "dot the i's" on itibiti,
so i called matt at genius smart parts for some technical advice. then he had the crazy idea to install led's
in the custom armrest he made for me...a great idea, by the way! the rest is history!

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  itibiti's led tailgate lighting matt boesch from genius smart parts genius smart parts led armrest
  the tailgate matt boesch the armrest  
itibiti's led cabin lighting led brake & reverse lights   itibiti's led spoiler "dot the i's" led's
the cabin the taillight's   the rear spoiler "dot the i's"

here is the "pimpin' out smart cars...genius style" thread matt started over at smart car of america

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