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smart usa home   smart USA:
the official smart web site for the USA. make sure to check out smartUSAinsider, too.
smartcanada   smartcanada:
the official smart car web site for canada.
smartville in hamburg, france   smartville: hambach, france:
this is where all smart cars are produced.

view a larger picture of the plant here.
safe and smart   safe and smart:
where smart owners share their safety stories. after all, good things, like the smart car, come in small packages.
dave schembri free press article   dave schembri:
president of smart USA,
detroit free press article.

note: this article is no longer available.
dave schembri autoline interview   dave schembri:
detroit autoline tv interview including a tour of smart USA.
smart car of america   smart car of america:
launched in 2001, scoa is north america's first smart car news & information portal.
2008 smart fortwo passion coupe spec sheet   2008 smart fortwo passion coupe:
manufacturer's spec sheet from car & driver magazine in pdf format.
road & track: smart road test road & track:
the 2008 smart fortwo road test reviewed by
andrew bornhop. europe's city car comes to america. is it a good fit for the USA?
smart USA soundboard smart USA soundboard:
soundboard is the official blogosphere of smart USA.
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451 smart fortwo Owners & Enthusiasts   451 smart:
while focused on the 451 smart sold in the USA & canada, this site hopes to bring together smart owners and enthusiasts from all over the world.
the smart club   the smart club:
the world's largest independent club for smart owners and enthusiasts! this site originates, like many others, in the UK.
smartmaniacs   smartmaniacs:
whether you are just starting to look for a smart car, already own one, or are just interested, you will find this site useful and informative.
club smart car   club smart car:
if you love smart cars, this is the site you want to visit! you'll find the latest smart news, and links everything the smart community has to offer.
motor week review   motor week review: 01.18.09
2008 smart fortwo road test.

for video of this review, click here.
understanding the smart transmission   451 smart:
what's the key to high mileage:
understanding the smart transmission, of course.
scoot   scoot:
annette, a teacher from toronto, canada, will keep you informed on all the goings on up in canada with her informative blog.
smart tune   smart tune:
started by a former rolls royce & bentley engineer who was fascinated by the smart car concept, then saw the tuning and accessorizing possibilities.
neal rubin review detroit news: 04.08.08
neal rubin's review of the smart fortwo.
scott burgess review detroit news: 04.02.08
smart review by scott burgess.
ouch, that's gotta hurt!
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flying tigers   flying tiger:
an online store for smart and mercedes-benz owners. lot's of goodies for the smart 451.
smart club hong kong   hong kong smart club:
if nothing else, you have to check out the innovative interface on this web site. it's very original.
smartimes magazine   smartimes magazine:
a web'zine that originated in winchester, england. after closing down for a few years, it's coming back july, 2008. be sure to visit!
berman's blogs   berman's blogs:
a blog worth reading, it comes out of grand rapids, mi.
smart fortwo blog   smart fortwo blog:
blogging about the new 451 smart cars headed to the USA.
new york times auto blog   new york times blog: 04.02.08
this article was written by new york time contributor, and smart car owner, dave kinney.
brabus north america   brabus north america:
the industry leader in mercedes-benz and
smart car customizing.
custom smart stickers   smart-sticker:
they create custom stickers for smart cars. i hope you know german...or you can use babblefish. if you want to see mine, look here!
smarts r us   smarts r us:
an independent smart car parts & accessories distributor located in the UK.
so there you have it!
new commercials   bbdo germany advertising:
new smart commercials
tv-spot emotions
tv-spot umwelt
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get smart chicago   get smart chigago:
news, updates and more from the local smart dealer, smart center lincolnwood.
evilution   evilution:
dedicated to providing everything you ever wanted to know about smart cars.
smart club idaho   smart club of idaho:
with members all across the state of idaho, it is for all smart owners and enthusiasts, including the smart fortwo, coupe and cabriolet.
talk smart car   talk smart car:
for smart enthusiasts and owners, they have a large amount of information that is available for view.
smart club arizona smart club of arizona:
i grew up in the beautiful state of arizona, and would love to be taking a ride to sedona...or maybe canyon lake?
smartz smartz:
this is for those interested all smart cars...the cabrio, cross-blade, fortwo, roadster or forfour. they love them all.
smart car cargo tracking   wallenius wilhelmsen logistics:
with your vin, track your smart's voyage across the atlantic from bremerhaven to baltimore. itibiti took 17 days. look here for instructions.
fq101: smart car modifications   fq101:
smart car modifications for the 450 and 451.
itibiti smart itibitismart:
it's MY SITE!! need i say more?
one lap of america one lap of america:
formerly known as the "cannonball run", it's celebrating it's 25th anniversary with a race around the united states.
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want smart wheels? need smart wheels?:
here is a great selection of after market smart wheels, thanks to the folks at fq101.
dan's smart car modifications dan's smart mods:
at last count, dan has done 40 modifications to his smart...most are pretty cool, too!
forosmart   forosmart:
this is a smart car site based somewhere in spain. i can't understand anything, but i DO
know itibiti is mentioned a lot on it.
how the smart car works   how the smart car works:
the website "how stuff works" does a good job detailing the smart, including the new 451 2008 version.
ny times article   new york times/ny: 05.11.08
at just under 9-feet long, the smart easily beats the 12-foot mini cooper as the smallest car ever sold in america.
ny times article   new york times/la: 05.11.08
the smart fortwo may be the cutest production vehicle to arrive in this country since the 1950's.
edmunds review   edmunds review: reviews the 2008 smart fortwo.
neil rubin review   detriot news: 05.12.08
neil rubin says "maybe i'm a little to dumb for a smart car". no argument here, neil!
consumer reports crash test results consumer reports: 05.14.08
smart fortwo crash test results and video.
smart car fortwo smart car fortwo:
a smart fortwo fan site.
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the truth about smart   truth about smart:
a very cool smart car site from the uk.
::miniSMARTS::   minismarts:
want a cool, custom smart avatars for your web page? note example on top of this page & don't forget to donate.
smart times 2008   smart times 2008:
a german site filled with all sorts of smart information...too bad i can't read any of it!
use babblefish to view it.
smart & friends bayern   smart & friends bayern:
another german site full of smart info...again, you can view it
using babblefish.
smart car mania   smart car mania:
visit this site for your daily smart car fix...of sorts.
smartie parts   smartie parts:
a canadian shop that caters to both 450 and 451 smart car owners. you'll definitely find something you like if you visit.
smart madness   smart madness: the most complete site for smart car accessories anywhere. among many others, i've purchased this, this, this, this, and this! i highly recommend them to all of you. thanks again, rachael & boris! detroit free press 2008 woodward dream cruise   the detroit free press: 08.16.08
mark phelan writes about the 2008 woodward dream cruise.
smart parts direct   smart parts direct:
generally recognized as the largest genuine
smart parts seller in the world. larger than any single mercedes-smart dealership. anywhere!
new york times article   new york times article: 6.15.08
ny times blogger caroline h. dworin welcomes a car you can park on a dime.
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a smart car   a smart car:
make the right choice for a smart car. compare the difference between the european 450 and the usa 451. they make smart medallions, too!
"bebe" the art smart car   art smart car:
"bebe" is the brainchild of north carolina artist nancy noel may. the colorful wrap is actually one of her original paintings.
smart solutions   smart solutions:
smart solutions for smart cars. they produce a custom brake lever cover for your smartie.
the bag lady   the bag lady:
if you're looking for a custom bag w/logo for any smart car purpose...spare tire, jumper cables, etc...this is the place to visit!
4 smart car   4 smart car:
they have been transforming smart cars since they came to the united states, and have everything you need for your smartie.
smart car wrapping   smart car wrapping:
at smart car wrapping, you'll find qualified professionals to handle your smart car graphics wrapping project.
the mad wrapper   the mad wrapper:
with years of design experience, the mad wrapper specializes in high-impact wraps and vinyl applications for your vehicle or business. look here for some examples.
smart car parts & accessories   smart car parts & accessories:
whether you want to make your smart faster, cuter or simply to maintain it...this site fulfill's all your needs.
smart car crash   smart car crash:
minneapolis resident paul konrardy got rear ended by an suv while driving his smart car on the freeway. read his blog here.
smart usa(insider)   smart USA (insider):
this site was designed to help smart enthusiasts stay connected to each other and the smart brand.
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smart car pictures   smart car pictures:
no need to randomly surf the web looking for smart car pictures when you can find all you desire here... and, of course, at itibitismart.
smart enthusiast   smart enthusiast:
smart enthusiast is an information and enthusiast site for the smart car.
smart die-cast models   smart die-cast models:
these smart's have a die-cast body, interior & exterior detailing, two sets of car panels, opening doors, detailed chassis and rubber tires.
smart 15mm bolt covers   smart 15mm bolt covers:
something to cover the unsightly 15mm bolts on your smart car. as you can see, these vinyl covers do the job perfectly!
ian's wonderful brit-tiny   ian's wonderful brit-tiny:
after owning "brit" for 5 years or so, ian finally decided to post pictures. as you can see, it's not your typical smart car! it has a hybrid turbo, re-mapped engine...and much more.
ian's smart car pix   ian's smart car pix:
pictures of smart cars and the those who drive them, by ian...again!
see "ian's wonderful brit-tiny" to the left of this entry.
smart blog   smart blog:
they say: "we got our smart in may of '08, have added gadgets galore and are constantly trying new things. really? have you seen itibiti bling?
smart car performance   smart car performance:
the largest online store in north america dedicated exclusively to smart fortwo products and services.
smart car parts warehouse   smart car parts warehouse:
located in hollister, ca, most orders are shipped within 1 to 2 business days from the date your order was placed. and boy!! they ever have the right stuff!!
genius wheels   genius wheels:
designed to provide the smart fortwo with an aftermarket, staggered wheel that has been engineered for a proper smart car wheel fit. mine are here.
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smart review in automobile magazine   automobile magazine:
2008 smart review by georg kacher.
kahn design   kahn design:
maybe the most beautiful smart wheel i've seen. they're round works of art! they're on my wish list and, as of may '08, are available at smart madness.
jeffery edmonson on fox tv in minneapolis/st. paul   jeffery edmonson on fox tv: 05.20.08
this is the smart dude who organized the
1st mid-west smart car rally held at the
wisconsin dells in june, 2008. see 'ya there!!
kgb tv ads with smart cars   kgb tv ads featuring smart cars:
kgb is the worlds largest independent provider of directory assistance and enhanced information services.
the ads are here, here & here.
smart car customs   smart car customs:
located in south daytona, florida, they're
new to the smart aftermarket. i've never used
them, but wish them lot's of luck!
smart car universe   smart car universe:
they offer innovative parts and accessories for your smart...adding
more function and versatility.
metromode media   metromode media: 04.23.09
a great article featuring smart center bloomfield brand manager rick cortright and a few of my fellow sMUG members!
smart car outlet   smart car outlet:
their goal is to provide each customer with the best possible shopping experience for smart car accessories
smartBUSA   smartBUSA:
created by matt boesch, the smartBusa is his
no-compromise attempt to create the ultimate smart car. it is truly unique, and there really is nothing like it in the world.
genius smart parts   genius smart parts:
the home of the smartBUSA, created by matt boesch! why just be smart, when you can be genius smart?
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love my smart car!   love my smart car:
rachael built this site solely to document one girl's real life adventures and experiences with her smart fortwo.
after all...she loves her smart car!
breathless performance products   breathless performance products:
while ernie at bpp doesn't specialize only in smart products, he has enough goodies to be listed here. i got my exhaust and bumper spikes there,
supersmart   supersmart:
their goal is to provide full smart service with affordable pricing. serving smart owners since 2005.
parts4smarts   parts4smarts:
based in kitchener, canada, they've serving smart owners since january '05, making them the oldest aftermarket smart supplier on this continent.
smart faction   smartfaction:
this site gives smart fanatics a place to show off their cars, chat with each other and get their smart car fix.
d. graves 451   d. graves:
this site is kind of hard to explain. take a look for yourself and you'll see what i mean.
misterdotcom   misterdotcom:
all of mdc is in german, but they have some great stuff for your smartie there. take a look.
s-mann   s-mann:
s-mann is a small team of dedicated professionals who specialize in the design and development of products for all smart car models.
wellsmart   wellsmart:
wellsmart is an independent company supplying genuine smart car parts, accessories, sales, service, parts and accessories to trade and retail customers worldwide.
smart USA gear store   smart USA gear store:
if you're looking for great smart stuff, look no further! this is the official smart USA online store.
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suncoast smart club   suncoast smart:
a group of smart car owners and enthusiasts from the tampa bay area on florida's suncoast.
smart tuning accessories   smart tuning accessories:
their new tuning product lines include wheels, sport springs, front spoiler, rear skirt and much, much more.
sw exclusive   sw exclusive:
based in the UK, their goal is to give all smart car owners the ability to gain ultimate performance tuning at an affordable cost.
winding road magazine - issue 52   winding road magazine - issue 52:
the "honda fit vs. smart fortwo" article is written from "a different point of view" by tom martin of ypsilanti, mi.
smart car 451   smart car 451:
after growing frustrated with other smart car forums, aaron lephart started his own. check it is very, very good and full of information.
smartune   smartune:
they claim they're "the only US parts retailer dedicated entirely to the smart fortwo 451. really??
smart pit stop   smart pit stop:
based in hong kong, smart pit stop carries genuine smart parts, original equipment replacements and accessories for smart cars anywhere in the world.
jill lajdziakin in as new smart USA president   jill lajdziak new smart USA president:
say good-bye to our good friend
dave schembri. jill lajdziak is the new president of smart USA.
socal smarties   socal smarties:
a place where southern california smart owners, reservation holders and enthusiasts meet and talk about their smart car experiences.
leathersmart   leathersmart:
leathersmart specializes in beautiful leather interiors for smart cars...
as seen here.
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"history of the smart car" history of the smart brand:
"smart story: the history of the smart brand",
was on display at the mercedes-benz museum in stuttgart in '06/'07. make sure you don't miss the eco speedster & eco sprinter.
barnes machine shop barnes machine shop:
for some well made, innovative custom smart car parts...just visit the paul barnes machine shop. they can fabricate anything!
smart usa street tour   smart usa street tour:
wanna drive a smart car?? then visit the smart street tour!! coming soon to a city near you!
the smart class   the smart class:
visit the city and enter the world of smart.
car & driver review - may 2008   car & driver:
the 2008 smart fortwo passion coupe road test reviewed by steve spence. a pretty good errand boy...or a nice car to play fetch with?
smart "do it yourself" series   smart "do it yourself" series:
designed to help smart owners service their vehicles. instructions are written for people who are comfortable working on their smart fortwo.
the smart highstyle the smart highstyle:

if you already adore the comfort and versatility of the smart fortwo passion, you’re going to fall in love with the new highstyle.

smart snuggie smart snuggie:
a snuggie for a smart fortwo created
by 20 very dedicated knitting grannies
on a mission!

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