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here's the story of how the "smart nut cracker" came to be, as told to me by a high ranking smart USA executive. while visiting him in his office, i saw it sitting on a nearby bookshelf and asked about its origin. back in 2007, at the beginning of the smart 451's USA roll-out, the folks at smart were trying to come up with an idea that
"put in a nutshell" the importance of the tridion bar from a safety point of view. someone said "think of the smart's design as being inside a walnut", with the strength of that "walnut" being the tridion safety cell. one thing led to another and the smart nut cracker was born! they were then given to journalists and others in the industry who were following the smart's roll-out. then, being the generous man he is, he gave me one!!

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smart nut cracker smart nut cracker smart nut cracker smart nut cracker smart nut cracker

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