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 itibiti garage : 2008 woodward dream cruise : itibiti gets window tints : itibiti gets pin-striped
rock & roll hall of fame & museum : smart technical seminar : smart cut-aways

itibiti in the garage
itibiti garage
7.1 megabytes * 170 pictures
i have a webcam attached to the ceiling of our garage aimed at itibiti.
it snaps a picture every time there is any motion...then it's e-mailed to me. take a look!

2008 woodward dream cruise
the 2008 woodward dream cruise
2.26 megabytes * 75 pictures
the 2008 dream cruise had a spectacular showing of smart cars, and i have the pictures to prove it!
if you want to see each individual pictures of the dream cruise, click here.

itibiti gets it's window tinted
itibiti gets its windows tinted
1.23 megabytes * 25 pictures
nancy hewitt tinted itibiti's windows, and she did a fantastic job! for you michigan folks who would like your smart windows tinted, i highly recommend her work. she can be reached at 248.363.4166. tell her itibiti sent you.
if you want to see each individual pictures of her at work, click here.

itibiti gets pin-striped
itibiti gets pin-striped
1.7 megabytes * 25 pictures
rick hewitt dropped by to give itibiti some extra personality...pinstripes! it's always a pleasure to watch someone who is a master of their craft...and rick truly is one. call him at 248.363.4166, and tell him itibiti sent you.
if you want to see each individual pictures of him in action, click here.

the rock & roll hall of fame & museum
itibiti visits the rock & roll hall of fame & museum
2.87 megabytes * 50 pictures
1100 rock & roll boulevard, cleveland, ohio
karen and i drove itibiti down to cleveland and spent the day at the rock & roll hall of fame & museum. while it is only a 3 hour drive, we decided to spend the night and make a mini-vacation out of it. after the rock hall closed we drove around downtown for a while, then went to the cleveland chop house & brewery for a fabulous dinner. all these pictures were taken in and around downtown cleveland, where the rock & roll hall of fame & museum is located.
if you want to see individual picture of the trip, click here.

smart technical seminar
smart car technical seminar
2.41 megabytes * 49 pictures
on saturday, may 17, 2008, the smart michigan users group attended a smart car technical seminar hosted by
(brand manager) rick cortright and (service manager) mark hovis of smart center bloomfield,
located in bloomfield hills, michigan.
20 smart cars and 40 smart people attended the eagerly anticipated event.
if you want to see individual picture of the gathering, click here.

smart fortwo cut-aways
smart fortwo cut-aways
2.47 megabytes * 50 pictures
when i wanted to add some painted accents to itibiti, jim taucher, from toyota of waterford, came highly recommended. he and his team have a very unique perspective on the smart car. they are owned by PAG, roger penske's automotive group, and roger chose jim to produce the smart "cut-away" cars you see in every smart center in the united states. when it comes to taking a smart apart, and putting it together again, they're the best there is. looking at their work close-up, you realize they are producing true works of art. i wish i had one in my basement!
if you want to see individual picture of the cut-aways, click here.

more slideshows coming soon!
more slideshows coming soon!

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