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unfortunately, i had to remove this pdf file. in may '09 alone, it was downloaded over 3,000 times. at almost 40mb in size, that pushed me 5 times over the limit my web hosting service allows. had it continued, my monthly bill would have increased by more than $100.00. I've had many offers to place advertising on this site, and could charge to download this file, but that is not my intention. i removed the GmBH operating manual for the same reason.
smart logo for those of you who contacted me about alternative places to download this file...look here! you're welcome!

this is the same technical service manual that your local smart service center references when maintenance is performed on your smart 451. it is in pdf format, and the download file size is 39mb

2008 smart fortwo technical service manual
the 2008 smart 451 technical service manual

this "introduction into service" manual presents the new smart fortwo series 451 pure, passion and cabriolet models.

the purpose of this manual is to inform you of the technical features of this new vehicle. this brochure is intended to provide information for people employed in service, maintenance and repair as well as the after sales staff.

in terms of the contents, the emphasis is on presenting the major assemblies and systems of the series 451 smart.

it not intended as an aid for repairs, or for the diagnosis of technical problems. For such needs, more extensive information is available in the "workshop information system", (WIS) and in the "diagnosis assistance system" (DAS).

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