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the web site created for all smart car owners.
it's smart social networking...for smart people!
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smart usa(insider)
a smart social networking site created by smart USA for smart owners throughout america...and the world!
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13 smart cars all in a row!
leaving the detailing seminar at classic appreciation
detailing seminar at classic appreciation.
pictured are melanie & rick from smart center bloomfield

leaving a meeting with the smart USA folks.
pictured is mark with his "ncrdble" smart
the sMUG folks attend a smart car technical seminar.
mark hovis, sCB service manager, shares his expertise

 leaving the smug classic appreciation seminar. it took some maneuvering to get 'em all out in one piece listen to the breathless performance exhaust.
john, from auto europe, fires it up for the first time

itibiti goes through some very heavy rain in
michigan's beautiful upper peninsula
itibiti was in the east grand rapids, mi, july 4th parade where an estimated 10,000 people lined the one-mile route


itibiti takes you for a 6 minute ride across the
5 mile long mackinac bridge
itibiti gives you a look at the 2008 woodward dream cruise "smart stack". listen for ken kettenbeil yelling "bill!"

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