itibiti smart home billo's itibiti "wish list"
here are some goodies i would love to put on itibiti.
hmmm...if i could just afford whatever i wanted!!
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kahn design, ltd
nappa leather interior for the smart 451
     khan designed nappa leather interior for the smart 451     
done in plush nappa leather with a "k" logo in the headrest or, if you prefer, your own logo. the top dashboard is done in perforated quilt, the lower dashboard in perforated nappa leather. door panels are done in
perforated quilt, with contrasting stitch, to finish off this beautifully elegant interior. john kahn and his team at kahn design are all about quality products (have you seen their rims??), so i know what to expect when it comes to fit & finish. i really want this interior, and this particular red/black theme totally goes with itibiti!
available late november, 2009,
at smartMadness
  a. khan contact information    available late november, 2009,
at smartMadness
afzal kahn contact information 

i'll take any wheel designed by afzal kahn
  afzal kahn's smart RSL wheel kahn design smart flyer hyper silver  
now available
in the USA
afzal kahn's smart RSL wheel afzal kahn's smart RSL wheel afzal kahn's smart RSL wheel now available
in the USA
the cleverly designed "smart RSL wheel", by project kahn, gives the smart car a fresh & masculine appearance while retaining its unmistakable character. designed with maximum agility, safety and the ecology in mind, the stunning new
kahn RLS bestows an aura of style and self expression. based in the u.k., afzal kahn
has carved an international reputation for applying old-world craftsmanship, and the finest materials, into beautiful works of art.

    the kahn RSR for the smart fortwo    
  kahn RSR smart wheel kahn RSR smart wheel kahn RSR smart wheel  
like the smart RSL (above), i'd take the kahn RSR in the blink of an eye
afzal kahn's smart RSL wheel contact information
afzal kahn contact information

genius darwin wheels genius darwin wheels genius darwin logo genius darwin wheels genius darwin wheels
genius darwin wheels...owned by the tsw group

genius offers custom wheels for the smart car in two finishes: gunmetal with a mirror cut lip and matte black.
they are designed exclusively for the smart fortwo puresmart fortwo passion and the smart fortwo cabriolet.
available in 15" and 17" staggered fitment sizes, they are engineered to perfectly fit your smart.
** note: i bit the bullet and put them on itibiti on april 07, 2009!! take a gander at 'em here!

smoked headlight covers  smoked taillight covers  smoked black
head light covers
tail light covers
smoked taillight covers  smoked headlight covers 
 i've always wanted these smoked black head light & tail light covers from smart madness, but i just haven't pulled the trigger yet. if you have a black tridion bar, like itibiti does, i think they're a "must have" item.
** note: i finally ordered these lens can see the pictures here!

the main screens the dashboard view the analog gauge view the digital gauge view the graph view
main screen dashboard view analog gauge view digital gauge view graph view
    the slider bar view    
    slider bar view    
drew technologies, ann arbor, mi
what gauges do you want to see? DashDAQ gauges are totally customizable. do you prefer dial or digital gauges? or maybe graphs are more your style? you make the call. do you want to view the relationships of 2 or 3 parameters, or have them together on one screen? how about seeing 24 at once? DashDAQ can do all those things, and more! pick a theme to match your vehicle, or create one to match your personality. read all about them here!

  the classic koso-rx2n motorcycle speedometer  
  koso-rx2n speedometer koso-rx2n speedometer koso-rx2n speedometer  
  koso-rx2n koso-rx2n koso-rx2n  
    the koso-rx2n speedometer in smartBusa!    
matt boesch uses the classic koso-rz2n speedometer for his smartBusa upgrade!
the koso-rx2n, in GP style, is equipped with an illuminated display and a big tachometer that allow for easy reading of information like speed, fuel level, temperatures, mileage and more...even in the dark. if you've never seen one of these fire up, you're in for a treat! it lights up like a a disneyland ride! i want one in ITIBITI, too!

i will post more wish list goodies as soon as i stumble across more things i can't afford ;/)

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